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Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and in honor of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, a group of born again Christians banded together and organized Independent Missionary Baptist Church on May 14, 1950. The organizational sermon was preached by Brother Hersey Hopper and Bro. Elihu Martin prayed the organizational prayer. Fifteen individuals brought letters of recommendation from sister Baptist Churches and presented themselves for membership to form the new church. Those members elected Robert Noles as Pastor of the church pending his ordination.

The name Independent was chosen because we believe that each individual church is autonomous-- self-governing--independent of any other organization.

On February 11, 2001, by action of the Church in regular business session, the name "Independent" was changed to "Huntingdon".

Huntingdon (Formerly Independent) is a member of the Southwestern District Missionary Baptist Association, a group of sister churches, who meet annually to encourage each other and to share information; however, the association in no way infringes upon the independence of each individual member church. A history of the Association and a list of it's current members are available through the "Affiliation" link above.

Claude and Minnie Cary
Walter and Bess Cary
(Walter was the son of Claude Cary)
Bettye Sue Cary
(Daughter of Walter and Bess Cary)

Minnie Dickerson

William (Will) and Opal Kirksey
(Will Kirksey was a Deacon)

Leah Noles (Wife of Robert Noles)
Marilyn, and Jackie Noles
(Children of Leah and Robert Noles)

Leon and Annie Robinson

Lois and Lorene Townsend

 Robert Noles

 1950 to 1952

 Clarence Carter

 1952 to 1955

 T. L. Campbell

 1955 to 1960

 John Hedges

 1960 to 1966

 E. J. Baker

 1966 to 1971

 Mitchell Rayburn

 1971 to 1973

 Robert Noles

 1973 to 1976

 F. L. Ray

 1976 to 1978
(Died while serving)

 Weldon Chandler (Interim)

 April to July 1979

Kenneth Massey

1979 to January 1989

 William Overton

 January to Easter 1989

Lynn Stapleton was elected Pastor and started serving the church on Easter Sunday 1989.

With the aid of the Holy Spirit and the labor of the members, a church building was erected. By the beginning of 1951 it was ready to be used for worship. By May 10, 1953, the indebtedness had been paid and the church met for an all day service to dedicated the church to our Lord, Jesus Christ.


--Through the years, improvements have been made to the building---


HMBC as it is today.

We hope you enjoyed this brief history of our church. We invite you to browse through the other pages on our site and contact us with any comment you might have.