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Personal Testimonies

By following the "Next" link at the bottom of each page, you will be guided through the pages alphabetically. However, you may access individual pages from the list below. Each name is linked to their particular page. If you wish to return to this page, select the "Testimonies" link at the bottom of each individual page.


Polly Allen
Sam Allen
Carol Augustine
Jim Augustine
Bonnie Autry



Dorothy Barker
Vallie Barrett
Sandra Beal
Willie Blackwell
Olene Blount
Alma Bond
Queen Alma Brewer
Dennis Brooks
Linda Brooks
Walter Brown
Frances Bush
Ermon Bush
Jackie Bush
Tyler Bush
Mildred Butler Byars


Buford Campbell
Shirley Carroll
Alene Carter
Barbara Carter
Kate Carter
Lee Carter
David Carver
Kelli Carver
Myrtle Cary
Nick Coleman
Jane Crawford
Marie Crews
Paulette Crews
Tommy Crews
Trey Crews
Brad Crider
Beverly Crosnoe
Richard Crosnoe



Dorsey Dameron
Opal Dameron
Mamie Dickerson







Brian Edwards
Chad Edwards
Suzie Edwards
Gail Edwards
Steve Edwards
Dorothy Edwards
Edwin Ellis
Faye Ellis
Harold Eubanks



Lucille Flake

Joe Glisson
Evie Green
Max Green


Ava Haddock
Claude Haddock
Justin Haywood
Angie Hedges
Mae Hedge
Dwayne Hill
Larry Hodges
Amanda Hollingshead
Reese Hopper


Margaret James

Pam Kee
Leon Kirksey
Marguerite Kirskey


Kendra Edwards La
Paulette Lambuth
Ruby Leslie
Sylvia Licht
Karen Lifsey


Judy Massey
Kenneth Massey
Ricky McAlexander
Alli McClure
Jimmy McClure Johnny McClure
Bettye McCollum
Jean Miller
Mary Moody


Willodean Norwood






Mary Ann Oatsvall






Caroline Parish
Cathy Parish
Donald Parish
Kathy Parsons
Martha Pearson
Inez Pritchard






Roy Richardson
Lana Richardson
Sarah Ann Ridings
Eudine Roark
Angel Roberts
Tom Roberts
Annie Robinson
Leon Robinson
Hattie Ellis Robinson
Ruth Rogers
Geneva Rumley
Kara Rumley
Kenny Rush
Nancy Rush
Genetta Rushing



Caroline Sanders Kala Sanders
Carrie Sanders
Carl Scates
Frances Scates
Jane Scates
Ray Scates
Elizabeth Seiber
Jimmy Simpson
Nancy Simpson
Rebecca Simpson
Todd Simpson
Brent Smith
Wanda Smith
Ginger Smith
Gilbertha Smith
Ray Smith
Wilma Smith
Sarah Smith
Anita Smith
Patrick Smith
Kay Smothers
Lynn Stapleton
Nan Stapleton


Margaret Therrell
Brenda Thomas
Donna Thomason
Larry Thomason
James Turner




Cody Umstead
Julia Umstead
Tony Umstead




Bonnie Webb
James Webb
Denise Webb
Harold Webb
Rachel Webb
Ruby White
Carrie Wilks
Mitchell Whitworth
Shiela Whitworth
Dustin Whitworth
Drake Whitworth
Tommy Wood